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I’ve written over 750,000 words about the culture, the Metaverse and media.

Now, we’re entering a new era. The arrival of new AI-driven creators will cause both massive social disruption, and the emergence of new cultural forms that I think of as new mythologies and cosmologies.

Through this newsletter, I’ll explore AI as a new form of media, the intersection of gaming and AI, and shifts in culture and meaning-making.

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Exploring creativity and culture in the age of AI and immersive media, and the emergence of new forms of media and storytelling (perhaps in an attempt to make sense of it all).


25+ years exploring the frontiers of culture, AI, and immersive spaces. Founder of the Bureau of Bright Ideas, CEO of Narraio, Partner at Grow Studios (building games and entertainment IP), and Head of Marketing for Crucible (Open Meta DAO).